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​Clients rely on HTL Consulting Group to define the optimal solutions for their challenges and business opportunities 


"While Senior Accountant for a not-for-profit company based in New York City, I hired Mr. Beasley to help develop a way for our organization to accept credit card payments. He was absolutely a treasure to work with, patiently answering all our questions and guiding us expertly through the process of setting up a credit card payment system. What had, at first, seemed an obstacle quickly became a manageable, smooth, process. Since that time, Mr. Beasley has become my "Go-To" person for financial processing solutions. I highly recommend him for his professionalism, knowledge, and excellent work ethic."

Carol Griffin,  Accountant  New York, N.Y.


“I have known and worked with Greg for a couple of years on many business projects. Greg is hard working, knowledgeable, very focused and knows how to get things done. I have always enjoyed my association with him and look forward to many more years of doing so.”

Jerry Jones, RedMesa Ventures, Inc. 

"My name is Kevin Bion Spencer, I have been in the entertainment music industry for more than 35 years as a well respected singer/songwriter/musician credited with the advent of the Solar sound for the record company Solar Records. I am presently working with Gregory Beasley,who i find to be excellent, possessing a great capacity for efficiency, and intuitively insightful when it comes to recognizing opportunity and seizing the moment! He also has the gift for visionary foresight, and easily can identify the full potential of any given prospect to the benefit of whoever he works on behalf of! I wholehartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking his expertise as an advantage to the running of their business affairs!"
Kevin Spencer, Recording Artist
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